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Male idol angrily rebukes fan who is basically a stalker, used panties stuffed in his bag

Kanjani 8 member Okura Tadayoshi (left) condemns extreme fan behavior.

November 14th: The other day Johnny's group Kanjani 8 member Okura Tadayoshi publicly condemned fans' extreme behavior, including pestering incessantly and sticking closely to them resulting in colliding with other passersby, and even suddenly stuffing things inside their bags, pulling them by the hand, and to the extent that when meeting his friends privately, he will eventually notice in his regularly visited train stations or airports certain individuals sitting on the neighboring seat, basically stalking. In contrast, he is suffering in fear that because of this, the pressure is too big it will shorten his lifespan.

On Johnny's paid website Okura vented his inner thoughts in his blog, he said before he thought that ignoring is the best resistance, but he is unable to keep his silence any longer, even if he knows that writing this article would possibly make those certain people happy. Josei Jishin reported that among fans there are those who intentionally harass idols because they like seeing their idols showing expressions of hatred, thinking that this will cause the idol to remember them. Okura has said that his bag has been stuffed with items, including insane fans' worn underwear, which even had "I had fun going to the amusement park with you last time. " written on it, all obviously a love letter of fantasies.

Okura went as far as to mention the person who often appears, the agency's PR personnel pointed out a woman in her twenties, who did not only sit on he and his friends' neighboring seat, but even eavesdropped on their conversation and laughed. Okura complained: "Is this not stalking?"

Disclaimer: Article not mine, taken from 世界日報 November 15 2018. Translations are mine therefore may not be accurate, as I am only trying to review my Chinese. I believe Okura's J-web is called Kurasumasu.

Edit (October 2020): Can I just say I feel like I've made it because this article was cited in Arama?
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